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Litepaper Edition; 10.2 Released; 8 Jan 2024

Welcome to Bullet last, the ultimate battle royal game that will keep you on the edge of your seat. This postmodern game is all about survival of the fittest, where players must fight tooth and nail against each other for a chance to win tokens. The game follows the rules of the new world’s order, where only the best can survive and achieve their goals. Bullet Last is a game designed to test your skills, strategy, and survival instincts in a stunning low poly 3D world with pastel colors. The game is played in FPS mode, making it all the more immersive. Players must start finding and shooting each other until only one player remains, who will earn all the tokens of the battle. This game is designed to keep you engaged for hours, with its unique game mechanics, NFT characters, and immersive environment. But Bullet Last is not just another game. It’s a thrilling experience that offers players a new way of life and earn money. By entertaining and developing your concentration skills, you can earn money while having fun. This game is hyper-casual, with a coquet minimal look, and players of all ages and genders from around the world can play it. Our goal with Bullet Last is to provide an attractive platform that not only generates income for the top players but also serves as an enjoyable home for gamers. We recognized the void in the crypto game market and took the initiative to present this idea. Bullet last has long-term strategies in place and aims to be a pioneer in the blockchain gaming industry. The game is poised to be the next big thing and set to become a landmark in the gaming industry, offering an array of features essential for an enthralling gaming experience. Beyond its minimalist aesthetic, Bullet Last promises to deliver a dynamic and exhilarating adventure that captivates players across the globe. At the core of its design is a transparent ecosystem that solidifies trust among Play to Earn enthusiasts, ensuring a fair and engaging environment for all. This commitment to transparency and player satisfaction positions Bullet Last as a frontrunner in the future of P2E gaming. So, are you ready to fight for your life and earn the ultimate prize? Join the Bullet last community today and experience the thrill of survival in the postmodern world. Get ready to test your skills, strategize your moves, and outwit your opponents. Let the games begin!

Organizational Standpoints:


The Bullet Last team envisions a future where blockchain technology transcends niche circles and becomes universally understood and embraced. They firmly believe in blockchain’s potential to revolutionize industries, enhance transparency, and positively impact people’s lives. With unwavering commitment, they strive to transform this vision into reality.


The core mission of the Bullet Last team is to establish a decentralized gaming platform that harnesses blockchain’s power. Their goal is to create an inclusive ecosystem accessible to all, regardless of their familiarity with blockchain technology. Within this community driven environment, players can compete, collaborate, and earn rewards securely. Beyond entertainment, the team aims to educate and inform, introducing individuals to the dynamic world of blockchain. By combining fun, engagement, and enlightenment, Bullet Last is poised to redefine gaming and blockchain interaction. 

Spy girl

Game Mechanism:

Bullet Last is an exhilarating multiplayer action game that can be played with friends or random opponents, catering to those who love the taste of battle royale. Players enter the room and wait for it to fill up or be started with the room creator’s command. Everyone plays with NFTs by connecting their wallets to the safe platform of Bullet Last. Upon entering the room and paying the room fee, players are led to the city and start shooting together. The last standing one will be the winner and earn 90% of the total room fee paid by all players. The remaining 10% will go towards game progress and marketing goals. The game is easy to play but hard to master, requiring focus and fast action. The key to success is to kill before being killed. In more advanced versions of the game, characters will be upgradable with store assets, and many new maps will be added gradually. In the early web version, there will be five NFT classes, and the value of each will be determined by rarity. These classes include Soldiers, Agents, Ninjas, Spy Girls, and Robots, which will be available for all players to buy and sell. Players can choose a unique username for themselves, which will be shown alongside the number of the NFT beside the character. Upon connecting their wallet to the game, everyone can create a room or select a room to enter. In dividing the spoils of battle, it won’t matter if you are the creator of the room or not; only the player who shoots the last bullet is the winner of the battle gets all the tokens. The room will be terminated after the last player exits the room. The game ecosystem is straightforward and transparent, making it accessible to all players. Rooms will be classified based on the tokens required to enter the battle, with VIP rooms also available. The maximum number of players that can enter a room is six, and the battle will start when the sixth player joins, or the creator of the room can start the game if there is at least one other player in the room. The forthcoming game will feature the creation and minting of NFTs on the Ethereum Network. Moreover, the game’s proprietary token, known as LEAD, will be developed and implemented on the ETH Chain. By leveraging these two robust and widely used blockchain networks, the game aims to provide its users with a secure, efficient, and seamless gaming experience. The game mechanism is designed to be visually appealing and engaging, with an intuitive and easy to understand interface that allows players to quickly and easily get into the game. The object of the game is simple: hunt, kill, and defeat your enemy to be the last one standing on the battlefield when the dust settles. Only one player gets to win the game, and the competitive nature of the game will keep players engaged and coming back for more. The Bullet Last’s team believes that the blockchain should be invisible in their games, using simple game mechanics that all players can enjoy, regardless of their level of blockchain expertise. In conclusion, Bullet Last is an exciting and competitive multiplayer action game that is easy to learn but challenging to master. 

What's the Blueprint for Joining the Bullet Last World?

Secret Agent

participating in the Bullet Last project is an opportunity to experience the thrill of survival in a new fantasy world while earning rewards. there are several ways to participate and become part of the Bullet Last community. the first way is by buying the $LEAD token and becoming a holder. by holding $LEAD, you will not only support the project but also benefit from potential price increases as demand for the token grows. the LEAD token will be developed on the Ethereum chain, and you can easily purchase it through various exchanges. Another way to participate is by cooperating in challenges and getting shares. Marketing team may organize giveaway events to reward early adopters and supporters of the project. by participating in these events, you can earn shares that can be redeemed for LEAD tokens or exclusive NFTs. You can also participate by playing the game and earning LAED for each win. Bullet Last is an action packed multiplayer game where players fight against each other to be the last one standing. by participating in battles and winning, you can earn LAED tokens as rewards, which can be used to buy NFTs or sold on exchanges. Also by increasing your tokens you can enter VIP rooms for bigger rewards. Finally, you can participate by trading NFTs and exclusive characters in the Bullet Last platform. Bullet Last offers players the opportunity to own and trade unique NFT characters, which can be used in the game or sold in the NFT marketplace. These NFTs are rare and can be upgraded with store assets, making them even more valuable. Participating in the Bullet Last project is a great way to experience the excitement of battle royale gaming, earn rewards, and become part of a thriving community. by buying the $LEAD token, cooperating in affiliate marketing programs, playing the game, and trading NFTs, you can maximize your participation and reap the rewards of this thrilling project

NFT Marketplace:

Discover the invaluable keys to the Bullet Last universe through our exclusive NFT Marketplace. In the initial web version, a limited collection of 10,000 characters will be meticulously categorized into five distinct tiers, each with its unique set of cosmetics that adds depth and style to your in game assets.

Soldiers (3,000 NFTs): 

The foundation of your arsenal, Soldiers, are the basic yet essential NFTs that kickstart your thrilling journey in the Bullet Last game. From the first soldier to the last, the fight must go on.

Agents (2,500 NFTs): 

Elevate your strategy with the Exalted Agents, a tier of elite NFTs that bring a heightened level of power and sophistication to your collection. Secret agents are fashionable but really dangerous.

Ninjas (2,000 NFTs): 

Unleash the mythical prowess of the Ninjas. These rare NFTs embody
stealth, agility, and unparalleled combat skills, making them a coveted addition to your
Bullet Last squad.

Spys (1,500 NFTs): 

Step into the divine realm with the Spy Girls. These exceptional NFTs combine elegance with lethal precision, adding an element of mystique and hot red power to your collection.

Robots (1,000 NFTs):

Most Rare NFTs, Harness the cosmic energy of Robots, the pinnacle of technological advancement. These futuristic NFTs bringing unmatched strength and resilience to your squad.

Initial Phase and NFT Minting

In the nascent stages of the Bullet Last project, a diverse array of Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs) will be minted on the cutting edge Web 3.0 platform. The pricing structure for these NFTs will be strategically tiered, reflecting the distinct categories and inherent value of each digital asset. This initial offering will align with the dual launch of the game and its native token, ensuring a cohesive integration of in-game assets and their NFT equivalents.

NFT Availability and Collection Evolution

A key feature of this phase is the absence of minting limits per wallet, providing ample opportunity for enthusiasts to acquire these unique digital characters. It is important to note that these inaugural NFTs are exclusive to the initial collection and will not be replicated in future series.

As the game’s user base expands, a fresh NFT collection will be unveiled, poised to captivate the community once the original series reaches its full minting capacity. Subsequent stages of the project will introduce a daily array of new assets within the game’s store, offering players the chance to enhance their characters with a continuously growing selection of add-ons and upgrades.

Transparency, Security, and User Empowerment

The foundation of the Bullet Last ecosystem is built upon the Ethereum blockchain, renowned for its transparency and security. This robust framework underpins all NFT transactions, providing users with confidence and peace of mind.

The Bullet Last NFT Marketplace

The Bullet Last NFT Marketplace emerges as a cornerstone of the ecosystem, granting users unfettered autonomy to trade their digital treasures. The marketplace is designed to accommodate both fixed-price sales and dynamic auctions, catering to the diverse preferences of our community. This vibrant platform exemplifies a truly player-centric environment, fostering an interactive and ever-evolving experience for all members of the Bullet Last family.

Tokenomics Architecture:

Bullet Last is a decentralized ecosystem that utilizes blockchain technology to provide a transparent and traceable platform for gamers and NFT collectors. The Bullet Last ecosystem is designed to be clear and secure, with all transactions being moderated to ensure strategic planning and alignment with the project’s roadmap. The LEAD token is at the heart of the Bullet Last’s ecosystem. It is a people’s token that is distributed to players, NFT collectors, and other stakeholders. The token serves as the primary currency within the Bullet Last’s ecosystem, facilitating in game trades, rewards, and other transactions. In the development of the LEAD smart contract, our primary objective was to construct a blockchain platform characterized by optimal transparency and efficiency. Consequently, we chose to deploy an ERC20 standard token. We ensured a streamlined implementation to minimize complexity and mitigate gas fees for traders. Our design excludes any mint or pause function, taxation or tax changes, proxy mechanisms, white or blacklists, cooldown periods, and hidden ownership. The token distribution is divided into different categories to ensure that the ecosystem is well funded and sustainable.

The total supply of the LEAD token is 1,000,000,000 with the following allocation:


A1. Presale 29% 

A2. Liquidity pool & MM 9%

Founders & Project 

B1. Ecosystem development 12.5% (Locked for 1 year) 

B2. Team 10% (Locked for 2 year) 

B3. Marketing 7% 

B4. Project Development 12.5% (Locked for 1 year)  

B5. Treasury Reserve 10% (Locked for 2 year) 

Rewards & Partnerships 

C1. Advisors & partners 5% 

 C2. Challenges and in-game rewards 5% (Locked for 0.5 year) 

bar chart

Presale : 29%

A strategic allocation to investors during the presale phase, fostering early community engagement and support. 

Liquidity pool: 9%

Allocating liquidity pool resources to enhance decentralized exchange listing, ensuring robust trading dynamics. 

Ecosystem Development: 12.5%

Devoted to the continual enhancement and growth of the Bullet Last ecosystem, reinforcing its longevity.

Team: 10%

Recognizing and rewarding the dedicated team behind the project, aligning their interests with the project’s success. Also extending the development team by adding new developers for updates and securing the project more for long time success.

Marketing: 5%

Enabling impactful outreach and community-building efforts to maximize Bullet Last’s visibility and adoption.

Project Development: 12.5%

Channeling resources into ongoing development endeavors, ensuring the project’s evolution aligns with the gaming community’s expectations.

Treasury Reserve: 10%

Establishing a robust reserve to fortify the project against unforeseen challenges and market dynamics.

Advisors & Partners: 5%

Allocating resources to advisors and strategic partnerships, enhancing the project’s network and expertise.

Challenges and In-Game Rewards: 5%

Fostering engagement through in-game challenges and rewards, cultivating an active and enthusiastic user base

Each allocation within the Tokenomics Architecture serves a distinct purpose, meticulously crafted to bolster the ecosystem’s strength, longevity, and appeal. The decisions behind these allocations are driven by a commitment to creating a sustainable, vibrant, and player-centric gaming environment within the Bullet Last universe.

In addition to the initial allocations outlined above, the Bullet Last team has implemented a series of strategic measures to reinforce the sustainability and enduring success of the ecosystem. Notably, wallets associated with the team, game development, and marketing will undergo a gradual and monthly unlocking process. This ensures that fund disbursement aligns precisely with the project’s predefined goals and roadmap, fostering a disciplined and goal-oriented approach.

Furthermore, the team is committed to deploying mechanisms such as token burning to regulate the ecosystem and enhance its intrinsic value. Token burning involves the deliberate destruction of a specific quantity of tokens, effectively diminishing the overall token supply and amplifying its scarcity. This strategic plan is anticipated to incrementally elevate the token’s value over time, rendering it more sought-after and compelling for investors and traders alike.

In its continuous pursuit of innovation, the LEAD ecosystem will introduce stake platforms in subsequent phases. These platforms will furnish token holders with supplementary avenues to earn rewards, actively participating in the growth and evolution of the ecosystem. Notably, these stake platforms will be tradable on both decentralized (DEXs) and centralized exchanges (CEXs), thereby augmenting liquidity and driving demand for the LEAD token.

The Bullet Last ecosystem stands as a comprehensive and sustainable nexus for gamers and NFT collectors, underpinned by the core tenets of transparency, traceability, and community engagement. Defined by a robust tokenomic structure and an unwavering commitment to longterm growth and development, the LEAD ecosystem is poised to emerge as a prominent player within the blockchain gaming sphere.


Technology Roadmap:

Phase 1: Foundation Development and Web Version Finalization Based on Blockchain Technology.

Prototype Development:

The project will commence with the meticulous creation of a comprehensive Alpha version, showcasing fundamental gameplay mechanics, and defining the unique art style that will set Bullet Last apart in the gaming landscape. This prototype will serve as the bedrock for subsequent development phases, establishing the tone for an immersive gaming experience.

Smart Contract Development and Audit:

We will embark on the development and rigorous auditing of smart contracts crucial to the game’s economy and mechanics. External auditors will be employed to meticulously review and verify the security and efficiency of these smart contracts, ensuring a robust foundation for the Bullet Last ecosystem.

NFTs & Marketplace: 

The project will introduce the concept of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) into the Bullet Last universe, representing unique low poly characters. Many in-game items and various assets will be adding to the UX of the game at the next phase. A user-friendly marketplace will be established where players can seamlessly engage in buying, selling, and trading these NFTs, fostering a dynamic in-game economy.

Beta Testing:

A beta version of the game will be unveiled for pre-publish testing, actively seeking valuable feedback from players. We will leverage this feedback to implement necessary adjustments and refinements, ensuring a polished and player-centric experience upon the full release.

Blockchain & Multiplayer Integration: 

Blockchain technology will be integrated to fortify transparency, security, and immutability within the game. Simultaneously, we will develop a sophisticated multiplayer system enabling real-time interaction among players, enhancing the social and competitive aspects of Bullet Last.

Full Web3 Final Version:

We will advance towards the final version of the game, harnessing the power of Web3 technologies. This evolution enables seamless integration with other decentralized applications and services, positioning Bullet Last as a forward-thinking and interconnected entity within the blockchain gaming ecosystem

Store & Rank Boards: 

An in-game store will be established, offering players a diverse array of items and currencies for purchase. Rank boards will be implemented to showcase the achievements of top players, fostering a competitive environment and recognizing player prowess within the Bullet Last community.

Map and Level Expansion:

The gaming experience will be elevated by introducing additional maps and levels, ensuring ongoing freshness and excitement for players. This expansion reinforces Bullet Last’s commitment to delivering a dynamic and ever-evolving gameplay environment.

Staking Ecosystem:

Innovation will be introduced with the staking ecosystem, empowering players to stake their tokens and earn rewards and bonuses. This strategic move adds depth to the in-game economy, encouraging active participation and loyalty

DAO Governance:

We will institute a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) to govern the game. This groundbreaking approach allows token holders to actively participate in decision making processes, casting votes on proposals and contributing to the collective governance of Bullet Last’s development.

Rare Collectibles:

Excitement will be infused into the Bullet Last universe by introducing highly coveted rare collectibles. These unique in-game assets provide players with a distinctive and valuable gaming experience, fostering a sense of exclusivity and accomplishment within the community

Mobile Platform Development:

Develop the game for both Android and iOS platforms to reach a wider audience. Also we are working to present a android on exclusive consoles which will be the first physical device on blockchain history.

Phase 2: Further Project Development

Mobile Version Presentation: 

Upon achieving the planned milestones and initial project goals, the next phase of Bullet Last will involve the introduction of a mobile platform version of the game. This iteration caters to players who prefer the convenience of playing on their mobile or tablet devices. 

Cross-Platform Integration: 

The game’s expansion to different platforms will be seamlessly integrated to maintain the unity of the player community and uphold the multiplayer quality of the game. Regardless of how players access the world of Bullet Last, the interconnected experience will remain consistent. 

Enhanced Ecosystem Security: 

Concurrently with the ongoing game and ecosystem development, security measures will undergo continuous enhancement. These proactive measures align with safeguarding the interests of the project and users, ensuring a secure environment in accordance with the principles of the blockchain world. 

Direct Financial Transactions: 

To streamline financial interactions within the game platform, features such as buying and selling tokens with fiat will be added to the BLT ecosystem. Direct portals will be integrated into the project’s official website, facilitating user-friendly financial transactions. 

In-App Store and Marketplace: 

Upon the launch of the IOS/Android versions, all in-game assets will become tradable within the internal store. Assets, including the NFT marketplace, will migrate to this platform in subsequent versions, offering a centralized hub for trading and transactions. 

UI/UX Optimization: 

Optimizing the user interface and user experience of the game will be prioritized to enhance the overall player gaming experience. Integration of new features aims to provide players with a more immersive and diverse gameplay environment. 

Bullet Last Chat System: 

Implementation of a chat system will allow players to communicate with each other in-game. This will include both private messaging and group chat modes, fostering a dynamic and interactive community within the Bullet Last universe.

Poster Of Bullet Last game

Phase 3: Entering to Metaverse

VR System Development: 

We embark on the journey to develop a cutting-edge Virtual Reality (VR) system, aiming to elevate the Bullet Last gaming experience to unprecedented levels. Our goal is to immerse players in a lifelike and engaging virtual environment, introducing a dimension of innovation and immersion to the gameplay. 

Adding Unique Features to Gameplay: 

We commit to continuously enhancing the gameplay experience by introducing unique and innovative features. Our focus is on depth and complexity, ensuring a dynamic and appealing gaming environment. Bullet Last strives to bring novel elements that set us apart in the competitive gaming landscape. 

Blockchain Integration: 

Explore advanced blockchain integration to enhance the security, transparency, and unique features within the Bullet Last metaverse. Leveraging blockchain technology will not only fortify the in-game economy but also open up more possibilities for decentralized governance and ownership of virtual assets. 

Metaverse Events and Experiences: 

Curate and host engaging metaverse events and experiences to captivate and involve the community. Events may include virtual gatherings, in-game celebrations, and exclusive metaverse content, creating a vibrant and participatory environment within Bullet Last’s metaverse. 

Social Integration: 

Integrate social elements into the metaverse, allowing players to connect beyond the gaming experience. Features like shared spaces, social hubs, and collaborative activities will foster a sense of community, transforming the metaverse into a social destination for Bullet Last players. 

Advanced NFT Functionality: 

Evolve NFT functionality within the metaverse, introducing advanced capabilities such as interoperability with other virtual worlds, cross-platform asset utilization, and enhanced customization options for NFT holders. 

Continuous Innovation: 

We commit to a culture of continuous innovation, regularly updating and expanding the metaverse with new features, challenges, and experiences. Bullet Last embraces emerging technologies and trends to stay at the forefront of the evolving metaverse landscape.

Sales Roadmap:

NFT Collection Presentation:

The initiation of the Bullet Start project will commence with the INO. NFTs serve as the gateway to the ecosystem. These NFTs, each offered at an equitable starting price, span across five distinct categories with varying rarities. Their utility will begin with the game beta launch for testing and are poised to introduce a dynamic pricing structure reflective of their diverse categories and rarities. This approach not only enhances the overall value proposition of our NFTs but also ensures a fair and engaging experience for our community members.


The Bullet Last team is actively engaged in negotiations with esteemed and trustworthy platforms to facilitate Initial Coin Offerings ICO and Initial Game Offerings IGO. This meticulous selection process ensures a fair and transparent environment conducive to the long-term sustainability of the ecosystem post-launch. To maintain equity, the initial token price across all partner platforms will remain consistent. The number of platforms engaged will be contingent upon their respective capacities, aligning with the strategic vision for a robust and inclusive presale.

Listing Rollout: :

Following the successful conclusion of the presale rounds, the Bullet Start project is gearing up for an exciting listing phase. Our team is diligently working to initiate the listing process on both CEXs & DEXs. First, we’ll go ahead with Uniswap. This event is scheduled to take place immediately after the final round of the presale, showcasing our dedication to swift action and seamless transitions. Stay tuned as we embark on this next phase of our journey, bringing the Bullet Start project to new heights of accessibility and liquidity in the crypto market.


Continued Expansion:

Our strategy extends beyond major exchanges, as we recognize the significance of a diverse market presence. Subsequent to the initial listing, the project will meticulously navigate and secure listings on various exchanges. This inclusive approach encompasses both renowned international exchanges and regional platforms where cryptocurrency is legally permissible. By engaging with local exchanges across different countries, we aim to foster accessibility and participation among our global player base. This ensures that the BLT token becomes widely available, catering to the diverse preferences and regulatory landscapes of our community.


In the dynamic landscape of successful project execution, marketing stands out as a pivotal force, and within Bullet Last, it takes a central role. Our marketing team, a cornerstone of our strength, operates within the BLT war room, crafting innovative strategies on a daily basis. While the intricacies of every strategic detail cannot be unveiled here due to their sensitive nature, we assure the community that our methods are rooted in strategic planning, aiming for effectiveness and resonance. 

Organic and Strategic Approaches:

The BLT marketing team adopts a multifaceted approach, combining organic methods with strategic planning. This encompasses a range of initiatives, including meticulously designed social media campaigns, lead generation strategies, and active community engagement. Beyond what is shared publicly, our team continuously devises unique methods tailored for strategic impact.

Targeted Campaigns and Buzz Creation: Publicly disclosed strategies involve the execution of targeted campaigns to reach potential players and investors. Leveraging the power of social media platforms, our marketing efforts will create a buzz around the project. Regular updates on the game’s development, gameplay videos, teasers, and interactive engagement with followers will be integral to our approach. Dedicated social media channels on platforms like Twitter, Discord, and YouTube will be established, accompanied by collaborations with influencers in the gaming and blockchain domains to widen our reach.

Engagement Beyond Platforms:

Beyond the digital realm, we recognize the importance of engaging with the gaming community through various channels. Participation in online gaming forums, attendance at gaming events, and involvement in game developer conferences will be key elements. These interactions will not only showcase the game but also create opportunities to engage with potential players and investors, fostering interest and awareness.

Community Building and Interactive Platforms:

A central component of our marketing strategy is the establishment of a robust community around the game. We plan to create a dedicated community forum where players can interact, seek information, and provide valuable feedback. Active engagement with the community will be prioritized, and their feedback will play a significant role in shaping the game’s development.

Global Expansion and Rapid Growth:

While acknowledging the initial trending in limited geographical areas, our marketing strategy is designed to predict and propel rapid global growth. Our commitment extends to creating an inclusive and enjoyable platform that attracts gamers across diverse platforms. The execution of planned actions by the marketing team, with a focus on executive priority, aims to advance financial goals and generate added value for our initial investors. The start of our campaign marks the commencement of a concerted effort to position Bullet Last as a prominent and globally recognized gaming entity.

Team and advisors:


The foundation of the Bullet Last team was laid in 2022, guided by the fundamental principles of blockchain and decentralization. Originating from diverse regions in Europe and Asia, our team comprises dedicated artists, developers, and business experts. From Indonesia to Italy, each member has contributed significantly to the project’s development. This collaborative effort, fueled by a collective passion for excellence, underpins the innovative intersection of gaming and cryptocurrency.

Professional Expertise:

Our team is a collective of accomplished professionals, each bringing unique expertise to the table. With diverse backgrounds and extensive experience in various blockchain projects, this decentralized team provides a fresh and dynamic perspective. The convergence of talents within Bullet Last reflects a commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation in both the gaming and crypto spheres.

Organic Management Approach:

What distinguishes the BLT team is its unique and organic management approach. Different teams operate in parallel, collaborating harmoniously to achieve the shared objective of ensuring sustainable growth for the project. Divided into specialized departments, each unit works cohesively to deliver top-tier results.

Key Departments:

Blockchain, Security, and Support Department:

Responsible for developing the core blockchain technology, this unit ensures system stability, robustness, and security—laying the foundation for the entire platform.

Game Developers Department: Focused on creating captivating gameplay experiences, this department leverages extensive knowledge in game design and development to make every aspect of the game enjoyable and engaging.

Art Design Department: Tasked with the aesthetic aspects of the game, this department ensures visually appealing graphics and an intuitive user interface, enhancing the overall immersive and interactive experience.

Marketing Department: Overseeing promotional efforts, this department devises effective strategies to reach the target audience, spreading awareness about the platform’s features and benefits. Additionally, they build relationships with potential partners and investors, contributing to the platform’s ecosystem.

Leadership and Coordination: Each department is led by a deputy who collaborates closely with other department heads, ensuring seamless integration and cohesiveness. The management team oversees and coordinates the entire project, providing strategic direction and leadership to ensure the project’s goals are met.

In conclusion, the Bullet Last team stands as an exemplary, decentralized assembly of experts united by a shared vision to pioneer a transformative project in the blockchain industry. Rooted in an organic management approach and characterized by seamless collaboration across diverse departments, the team is positioned for remarkable success. As we forge ahead, our commitment is unwavering—to set and surpass new standards of excellence and innovation within the dynamic landscape of blockchain technology.

Legal Notice and Risk Disclosure for Bullet Last

Legal Notice

Bullet Last, represented by QQ vc, wants to make clear that the information presented on our official website  and associated platforms, collectively referred to as the “Website,” and any other communications, including this Legal Notice, do not constitute an offer to sell, a recommendation, or a solicitation to buy or hold in-game tokens BLT.

All materials provided, whether through our whitepaper, communication channels, or otherwise (the “Materials”), are intended for informational and educational purposes only. Users should conduct independent research before making any decisions based on the information provided. The Materials may contain references to third-party data and industry publications. While efforts are made to ensure accuracy, we do not guarantee the completeness or reliability of such data. Bullet Last does not endorse any third-party data mentioned in the Materials.


Bullet Last Tokens are offered on an “as is” and “as available” basis. We expressly disclaim all warranties and representations related to the Tokens, including implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, title, and noninfringement. There is no guarantee that the Tokens will perform as expected or maintain a specific value. Users should be aware that the Tokens may lose some or all of their value.

The Tokens are not considered investments, securities, shares, equity interests, debts, loans, or derivative instruments. The Materials do not constitute a prospectus or offering document. Token holders do not have rights to the company’s revenues, assets, or financial interests. Bullet Last Tokens should not be transferred to individuals or entities subject to economic sanctions or trade embargoes.

Project in Beta Stage Bullet Last, still in its Beta Stage at the time of writing this whitepaper and needs 3 months for web version finalization, emphasizes that the project and associated software are experimental and provided without warranties. Users acknowledge that their use of the Project is at their own risk, and Bullet Last is not liable for any claims, losses, or damages arising from the Project’s operation or use.

Forward-Looking Statements While the Project, as described in the Materials, may contain forward-looking statements, users should be cautious as these statements involve uncertainties. Bullet Last does not guarantee that these statements will prove correct, and actual events or outcomes may differ. Factors such as economic, competitive, and technical changes can impact the Project and Token performance.

No Advice None of the information provided in the Website, Project, or Materials should be considered professional advice. Users are encouraged to consult their legal, financial, and professional advisors before making any decisions based on the information presented.

Acceptance of Risks and No Liability Users must read and accept the risks disclosed in the Risk Disclosure Statement below. By accessing or using the Tokens and/or the Project, users agree that Bullet Last is not liable for any losses or damages incurred due to or in connection with the disclosed risks. Users also acknowledge that additional risk disclosure statements may be amended over time.

Indemnity and Limitation of Liability Users agree to indemnify and hold Bullet Last and its affiliates harmless from any loss, penalty, claim, damage, liability, or expense arising from misrepresentations, breaches, or failures. Bullet Last and its affiliates are not liable for direct, indirect, special, incidental, or consequential damages or losses of any kind.


Legal Disclaimer for Bullet Last

No Representation & Warranties

While Bullet Last strives to ensure the accuracy of information, including but not limited to the official Website https://www.bulletlast.games and communications, we do not make, and hereby disclaim, any representation, warranty, undertaking, or covenant regarding the truth, accuracy, and completeness of such information. Users should seek independent professional advice before engaging in any Token Purchase.

Representation & Warranties by Users

Users accessing the Current Information or participating in a Token Purchase represent and warrant that they are over 18 years old and acknowledge that Tokens do not constitute shares, equities, securities, financial instruments, or investments. Users also agree that the Current Information does not constitute a prospectus or offer document, and no regulatory authority has examined or approved it.

Users must ensure that the distribution or dissemination of the Current Information complies with applicable laws and regulations. By accessing the Current Information, users acknowledge and accept risks associated with BLT Tokens, Token Purchase, storage, and reliance on the Current Information.

Cautionary Note on Forward-Looking Statements Statements in the Current Information, including forward-looking statements, involve risks, uncertainties, and factors that may cause actual future results to differ materially. Users should not place undue reliance on these statements, and QQ vc disclaims any responsibility to update or revise forward-looking statements. No Promise or Undertaking Nothing in the Current Information should be relied upon as a promise, representation, or undertaking regarding BLT’s future performance or policies. QQ vc does not make predictions or estimates based on mathematical modeling and disclaims any responsibility to update forward-looking statements.

Conclusion Bullet Last users and participants in Token Purchases should carefully consider the disclosed risks, seek professional advice, and understand the limitations of representations and warranties. The Legal Notice and Disclaimer aim to provide transparency and ensure users make informed decisions.

Final Remarks:


The Bullet Last team is delighted to present this comprehensive whitepaper, providing a detailed insight into our vision for a groundbreaking Play to earn game. We are confident that this game will introduce a new echelon of excitement and engagement to the gaming industry, offering players genuine opportunities to accrue real value. Our unwavering commitment lies in constructing a game that seamlessly blends entertainment with security and transparency. Leveraging blockchain technology and smart contracts, Bullet Last is poised to deliver a gameplay experience that is not only entertaining but also fair and trustworthy.

The outlined roadmap meticulously guides the development and release of Bullet Last, encompassing key elements such as NFT creation, a robust multiplayer system, and a staking ecosystem. Acknowledging the fluid nature of development and the impact of market conditions on P2E games, we pledge to keep the community abreast of any significant delays or alterations to our roadmap. Our dedication to delivering a high-caliber gaming experience remains steadfast.

It is crucial to note that the prioritization table does not presuppose any major barriers to development, and we are resolute in overcoming any challenges that may arise. In the event of substantial changes during the project’s progression, we are committed to rewriting the entire whitepaper to ensure absolute transparency with our community. This is the 9.3 version of the whitepaper and sure won’t be the last.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our supporters for embarking on this thrilling journey with us. We eagerly anticipate bringing Bullet Last to life, and together, we aspire to craft a game that not only revolutionizes the gaming industry but also brings joy and value to players worldwide.